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ZETA Movement is an association created by young people for young people, which aims to break the cycle of stigma and silence related to mental health issues in Switzerland.

Unlike many physical issues, psychological illnesses and disorders are still a taboo in our society. The association wants to break the vicious cycle of stigma and raise awareness among the youngest generation about mental health issues. According to our vision, generation z should be the last to suffer the from stigma, silence and discrimination related to mental health, but the first to be a catalyst for change and to radically transform attitudes towards this topic. 


According to statistics, in Switzerland 60% of all adolescents will suffer from minor mental health problems at least once in their lifetime. Each 13th adolescent in Switzerland suffers from a mental illness. In addition, most mental illnesses have their onset already during adolescence. Despite the importance of this topic, unlike many physical problems, mental illnesses and disorders are often still not considered relevant by many. 

According to Time to Change: “Many people with mental health problems still report that the impact of stigma and discrimination is as bad or worse than the symptoms themselves”. As a consequence, people face more challenges in seeking help and their daily life suffers extensively from their mental health issues and stigma combined. An inclusive, open and honest dialogue about mental health is therefore strongly needed in order to reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health. 


Our concept is based on the three pillars of storytelling, information sharing and community building. Here you can find out more about the 3 pillars. The association is a non profit organization, which is not bound to any political party or creed. ZETA Movement is strongly inspired by the Danish anti-stigma campaign, “One of Us”.

School visits

Our goal is to be operative in schools and other youth-related organizations (e.g. Scout Associations, Sports Clubs, etc.). We are always looking for new ways to develop our association, be it through synergies with foundations/associations, private funders or personalities that can share best practices and grant financial support. Here you can find more information on our school visits.


ZETA Movement is proud to be supported by a group of experts who share their knowledge, experience and tips. Here you can find more information about who our experts are.



We find the exchange with other organizations, associations and groups very valuable and are proud of the great partnerships we have been building over the years. Here to find out more about our partners.


Some frequently asked questions are answered here.

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