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Global changemakers

Global Changemakers is an international youth organization and a global leader in supporting youth-led sustainable development.

The mission is to help youth create positive change towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable community. They do this by providing skills development, capacity building, mentoring and grants.

Berner Bündis gegen Depression

The Bern Alliance against Depression (BBgD) is a cantonal network to improve the care and living situation of people with depression and their relatives, as well as for suicide prevention in the canton of Bern.

"Our goals are to improve the early detection and treatability of the disease depression and to reduce the suicide rate in the canton of Bern. It is important to us to optimize the supply situation in the canton of Bern and to reduce the suffering of those affected and their relatives."

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Univ. Psychiatrische Dienste Bern (UPD)

The University Psychiatric Services Bern (UPD) are the competence center for psychiatry and psychotherapy in the capital region and one of the most renowned psychiatric hospitals in Switzerland. The UPD offers the entire psychiatric supply chain from early detection to outpatient, day-care and inpatient treatment to rehabilitation and reintegration of people with a mental illness. As a university hospital, the UPD also makes a significant contribution to special psychiatric care as well as basic, advanced and advanced training, teaching and research.

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Wie geht's dir? - Kampagne

Talking about mental health is worth it! The "How are you?" Campaign raises awareness for this and provides very specific tips. Mental illnesses concern us all: Every second person gets mentally ill at some point in their life. This is associated with a lot of suffering both for those affected and for their relatives, leading to lost work and health costs. It is therefore worth investing in the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of mental health.

The campaign encourages people to talk about psychological stress.



ASI-ADOC is an association that promotes knowledge, prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The association promotes its aims through a website, a facebook site, courses and public days for the population, self-help meetings, seminars for specialists, publication of specific brochures, participation in radio and television broadcasts, regular articles in newspapers.

BeWellhelp_logo.png is a sustainable appointment platform that connects help seekers quickly and easily with professional mental health providers. At, on-site sessions as well as secure online sessions with psychologists, for example, can be booked directly via the platform and the latter held via a secure connection - anonymously and inexpensively if desired. With, the founders want to ensure quick access to mental health services. They would like to sensitize to deal openly with mental health topics, to catch up themselves if necessary advice unabashedly and want to offer with rounding the date capacities necessary for it.

Netzwerk: Trauma & Dissoziation

The Trauma & Dissociation Network is committed to closing the information gap on the topic. The communication of medical and psychological knowledge to affected persons and their relatives has top priority. For this purpose, current research results are prepared in such a way that they are, on the one hand, up-to-date and, on the other hand, also understandable for laypersons. The network wants to achieve that the patients gain autonomy and self-competence in dealing with their disease and thus become experts in their own disease. The long-term goal is to improve their quality of life and functionality in everyday life. Furthermore, the network aims to provide current research results for professionals who deal with trauma disorders and cultural aspects of mental health. The network aims to provide a platform for people affected by trauma to exchange information with others in the form of a forum on the homepage or an online support group. The project aims to sensitize a broad public to the topic and thus to contribute to the removal of taboos and the destigmatization of mental illness.

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Netzwerk Psychische Gesundheit

The Mental Health Network Switzerland is an amalgamation of organizations, institutions and companies that are committed to mental health in Switzerland.

The network makes a contribution to improving the mental health of the population in Switzerland.

It offers a platform for actors and their measures in the field of mental health.

Pro mente sana

The Pro Mente Sana Foundation, founded in 1978, works for mentally disabled people in Switzerland.

The services include free telephone advice on psychosocial or legal questions and, since mid-2015, psychosocial e-advice from peers and specialists. Pro Mente Sana publishes advice and information brochures on mental illnesses and is the editor of the magazine “KONTEXT”, which reports on developments in psychiatry as well as on clinical pictures and their treatment.


ensa is the Swiss version of the Australian Mental Health First Aid program and has been offering first aid courses for mental health since 2019. People learn to provide first aid when people go through psychological problems or crises in their private and professional environment. They support until professional help takes over.
At the same time, first aiders make a contribution to breaking down prejudices against people with mental health problems in our society.

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#unbeschränkt - Kampagne

People with disabilities can and have a right to lead unlimited lives. They should decide where and how they live, where and what they work, and how they shape their social life as part of society.

Their impairments often do not stand in the way of an unlimited life. Rather, all those involved lack the courage and will to try new things. The # unlimited campaign tells and shares stories in which people have shown this courage and shows where barriers persist.

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Soli Bern is a project that works to break the taboo of loneliness among young people in Switzerland. Soli Bern aims to create low-threshold, social meeting places for those affected by loneliness. Its services include exchange, networking and the organization of events on the topic of loneliness. By means of public relations Soli Bern wants to sensitize society to the topic of loneliness.

Health First

HealthFirst provides an extensive offering of physical and mental well-being services and First Aid training across Switzerland and internationally. We pride ourselves in delivering quality services, based on thorough research and a strong evidence base. All of our First Aid training is compliant with the most up-to-date Swiss and international guidelines. Health First offers courses for students, staff and companies in English.

Kanton Luzern

ZETA Movement has been working with the Canton of Lucerne since 2023. In concrete terms, ZETA Movement is an official teaching offer that can be booked by teachers on a low-threshold basis and which, if applicable, is financed and, above all, organized directly by the cantonal department of primary education and the department of health and sport in the health and social department of the canton of Lucerne. The teaching offers are based on the curriculum 21 and explicitly take up the guiding idea of sustainable development. 

Website Offers for Schools

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