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What we do

ZETA Movement is all about starting the conversation. We are convinced that to talk about mental health is the first essential step to create a more open, tolerant and understanding society towards illnesses and hardships that are often invisible to the eyes.

We work towards this future society and we start the conversation all around Switzerland by creating safe spaces: safe spaces to share stories, but also safe spaces to ask questions, to receive information or simply to listen and reflect. 


Throughout the year, we structure our work into three main pillars:

ZETA Movement Ambassadors for Mental Health Awareness:


Young people who have experienced mental health issues in their lives and who now find themselves on the way to recovery share their experiences through a storytelling approach to the younger generation in schools, scout groups, youth groups, sport associations and any other kind of environment close to the youth. Our ambassador programme is inspired by the Danish mental health campaign “One of us” and is also a means of empowerment for young people who suffered from mental health issues and can personally contribute to a society free of stigma.

Better together:

Community development

We want those who have been part of zeta since the beginning as well as those who join us even if only out of curiosity, to be part of a community that is a miniature of the society we hope for the future. A community where we talk about everything, including mental health, where we can ask a lot of questions, we can vent, but we can also have fun together, treasuring the history and experience of those around us. The ZETA community is not a community of people who have had problems with mental health. It is a community of people who recognize mental health as an integral part of individual and collective well-being, and as with any aspect of social life, there are people who are affected firsthand, people who have only heard about it, people who are simply curious, and people who are close to someone who is affected. For our community we organize events of various kinds: sharing & caring evenings, roundtables, game nights, informal meetings name it!

Foster knowledge on mental health:

Spread information

Experts in the mental health sector help us in making information on this topic more easily accessible to the public and in spreading knowledge. We organize public conferences and panels on a broad range of topics and host experts from all regions of Switzerland. We are active on social media, creating mental health awareness campaigns.

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