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(School) visits

Our visits last about 1.5h and consist of a general part on mental health and the personal part where Ambassadors tell their own story. Our Ambassadors have all attended a workshop with Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmidt, Professor of Clinical Psychology in Childhood and Adolescence at the University of Bern, and tell their story in a framework that is appropriate and adapted to the school level, age and story. Neither details nor exact descriptions of certain parts of the story, which could be chilling, traumatizing or disturbing for the students (adolescents), are mentioned. This is to protect our Ambassadors and the students. In addition, an expert always accompanies the school visit, who could also answer questions of the students that cannot or do not want to be answered by the Ambassador. Visits are carried out for young people from the age of 12.


Before each school visit, there is a discussion between us and the person who requested the school visit to clarify if a school visit is possible. The Ambassador:in then also contacts the organizing person and the Expert:in to clarify organizational details. There is a contract between ZETA Movement and the school. However, this only serves to ensure that the school takes all (legal) measures so that such a school visit can be carried out. These vary from canton to canton.


Our school visits are free of charge, but donations are always welcome. It is best to request a school visit 4-6 weeks in advance, but it may also be possible to find an available Ambassador more spontaneously. It is not possible to "pick" a specific disease pattern, but if there are good reasons, it is possible to see together if it is possible to request someone with a specific disease pattern. 

Many visits back-to-back at the same school/organizatione are usually not doable and only possibly exceptionally.


We are happy to be contacted via !


“I think it's beautiful how, at the end of the day, any discomfort shared makes us feel less alone.

- Student

We have already started our program in the following cantons.

Canton Berne
12 schools (Middle Schools)*
4 other organizations (Youth work)
5 presentations (University of Bern, Youth Session)
9 represented diagnoses

Visits in 
​​​February 21, March 21, May 21, June 21, September 21, November 21, December 21, February 22, March 22, May 22, June 22, October 22
Canton Ticino
12 schools (Middle Schools/High Schools)
5 other organizations (Scouts)
2 presentations (Teachers)
6 represented diagnoses

Visits in 
March 21, April 21, October 21, February 22, March 22, April 22, August 22, October 22

Canton Zurich
2 other organization (Durchstart, MOVE)
2 presentations (Unicef, Pro Juventute)
5 represented diagnoses

Visits in 
November 21, April 22, October 22

Kanton Uri
1 Roundtable (Gesundheitsförderung Uri)

Visits in
October 22
Kanton Aargau
1 other organisation (Youth Work)

Visits in
January 22
canton Lucerne

Coming soon
Canton Solothurn
4 schools (High Schools)
1 other organizations (SoOdA)
1 presentations (job fair)
5 represented diagnoses

Visits in 
November 21, February 22, August 22, September 22

Kanton Thurgau
1 presentation (SODK)

Visits in
​​​September 22
Kanton St. Gallen
1 School (High School)

Besuch im
Februar 22

* The school visit took place together with our partner organization "Berner Bündnis gegen Depression". The BBgD works in the Canton of Bern to improve the care and living situation of people with depression and their relatives and to prevent suicide.