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Our Story

The ZETA Movement is a project created by young people for young people, which aims to break the cycle of stigma and silence related to mental health issues in Switzerland.

Unlike many physical issues, psychological illnesses and disorders are still a taboo in our society. The association wants to educate young people on mental health issues by using a storytelling approach. 


The concept is based on the three pillars of information sharing, mental health promotion and community building. 

The core idea is to create a movement where “ambassadors”, young people that are in a late stadium of recovery, can share in an honest way their personal experiences with mental health issues. Our goal is to be operative in schools and other youth-related organizations (e.g. Scout Associations, Sports Clubs, etc.). Furthermore, the associations will focus on the building of a community, the organization of training courses for the ambassadors, and the organization and mediation between ambassadors and authorities. Another priority of the association will be to draw attention to the topic of mental health in media and in the political field.


The founders of the project are Giada Crivelli and Damian Stähli, two young recovered patients with vast experiences in the field of mental health.

The association is a non profit organization, which is not bound to any political party or creed 

The ZETA Movement is strongly inspired by the Danish anti-stigma campaign, “One of Us”.

Why is our association called "Zeta Movement"

  • "Zeta" in Italian refers to the Roman and Greek letter "z";

  • Zeta is also the last letter of the latin alphabet, and perfectly reflects the aim of the association to end the stigma around mental health disorders and illnesses;

  • At the same time, we wanted to have a name and a logo that gives a message of resilience, that’s why, in our handmade watercolor logo, there are two semi-circles that go from the letter "z" to the letter "a" and vice-versa. Our implicit message here, is very similar to the semi-column one: to have a mental health illness doesn’t mean that your world ends. On the contrary, it can be the sign of a new beginning;

  • And, last but not least, the generation "Z" is the demographic cohort succeeding Millennials and Baby Boomers, to which all founders belong.

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